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Nippon Paint EA9 Finish HB


Brand: Nippon Paint

Size: 5 L (4.5L Base and 0.5L Hardener)

Type: Interior

Finishing: Low Gloss

Recommended Number of Coats: 1-2

Highlight: ~ Good resistance to mechanic damage
~ Excellent adhesion
~ Resistance to aqueous solutions
~ Chemical resistance
~ Food grade epoxy

Theoretical Coverage per liter (m2): 3.6 - 6.8

Recoating Interval: Minimum 16 hours

Thinning: Dilute with maximum 5% of Nippon SA-65 Thinner

Touch dry / Hard dry: 1 - 2 hours / 4 - 5 hours

Application: Brush, Roller, Spray

EA9 Finish HB is a two-pack amine-adduct cured epoxy specially developed to achieve long-term corrosion protection for many types of surfaces i.e. aluminium, galvanising, steel and concrete. This feature combined with its wide range of resistance properties make EA9 Finish HB a durable, high performance and economical coating for immersion as well as non-immersion services.

EA9 Finish HB system has been extensively used for long-term corrosion protection lining of a storage tank for palm oil derivatives, vegetable oil, potable water etc.

  • Food Grade Epoxy 
  • Chemical Resistance 
  • Good resistance to mechanic damage 

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